Design/Update HACCP Plan

Did you know that not just some but all food businesses are required to have a documented food safety management system on site that reflects their daily practices. At SMC Food Consultants we are experienced in reviewing, consulting & advising on food safety systems.

Depending on your systems status we update and revise what is already in place or we can facilitate designing a brand new system that will support your business.

All HACCP plans should be reviewed at least annually!

We have designed and implemented monitoring systems that have been tailored to reflect the specific practices and requirements of food premises across a range of backgrounds e.g. ice cream production, crèches, restaurants and food producers.

Remember documenting your food safety system is your proof that you did everything you could to prevent a food poisoning outbreak!

Let us take the hassle out of it for you – call us on 087-6255570 to discuss what we can do to make sure you are compliant!

SMC Food Safety System Monitored and Approved Sticker Display

Unlike Northern Ireland and the UK who have “scores on the doors” , small food businesses in the Republic of Ireland still do not have a system of displaying (showing off!) if they have high standards of food safety  – we think its unfair!

We have now designed an SMC Approved Sticker for businesses that work with us & whom we monitor.  Now you can display on your window or front service desks & show your customers that not only are you committed to food safety but maintaining the system.

Find out how you can sign up to be awarded an SMC Food Safety Approved Sticker by emailing


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