Food Sampling & Analysis

At SMC Food Safety Consultants we offer a food analysis service where samples can be collected and tested for microbiological criteria (Salmonella, E,coli, Listeria for example) and nutritional composition (nutritional group 1 and 2).

  • We carry out drinking water analysis to verify the quality of water used within your premises.
  • We take swabs of equipment and drains etc to verify that the cleaning & sanitation programme in place is effective.
  • We review all test results and report whether the samples are within legal specifications which can be held for review by external suppliers / auditors. Any out of specification results are brought immediately to the clients attention and corrective action addressed.
  • We have designed and implemented sampling plans for businesses also to suit their needs & we use experienced UKAS / INAB 17025 approved laboratories.
  • To date we have worked with a number of clients to both determine & verify the shelflife of their products in accordance with EC Reg No 2073/2005.


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